Bristling Buddies

When did all the innocence in this world leak out?  Why are we so suspicious and ill-meaning of one another?  Do you ever feel like you just woke up and feel misplaced?

Over the last ten years, I have survived some pretty sticky and unpleasant situations and moved  on and began to live, love and laugh.  I got divorced, buried two younger siblings, some uncles, survived an assassination attempt and fought off some money-hungry schemers, who should have made me a donation.  Then there were the business-scammers, the habitual abusers and do-no-gooders. There were the friends that jumped into my bandwagon, others dove out and some just turned snobs and looked down their  In short, I got my sexy back!

A few days ago, I sat with a woman who shared about a really depressing experience. Married for over 15 years and her husband had walked away, leaving her sons and his wife, all without any explanation.  I did ask if he had displayed any strange behaviour and the response: ‘yes, for 15 years’.  My heart wrenched and anxious to clarify why she was still smiling and evidently at peace – I sat back and sipped my coffee.  Listening to her unsettled me and brought back all those thoughts of frustration with the institution of marriage and the boring, meaningless steps we take towards securing familial acceptance and security.  Then you end up like this – makes you want to scream on a good day!

Well, I believe in marriage, just not other people’s blanket recipes for marriage.  A happy marriage is about two people and not a single thing about the clan, spoilers and other hangers-on!  It says so in Genesis, so traditions and cultural practices will never change that!  I place my trust in God and not the people who claim to know God!