To New Beginnings!

A few years ago, I dreamt I was asleep on my side, with one arm draped over the side of my bed.  As I slept, I could hear the steps of a little dog enter the room, run up to the side of the bed and lick my hand.  The whole episode was so vivid that the memory stayed with me for several years.

 Two weeks ago, our daughter came home with her school report  and amazed us with her very high grades.  Trouble was that we had made a promise to reward high grades with a pet!  A small dog.

A day later, we began the search for the right dog and settled on a Jack Russell.  We called all the right places and quickly found that this breed is both high demand and seriously short supply.  Reluctantly, I called the Kenya Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  Our chances were slim chance and dim, but I took courage and asked.  The man at the end of the line asked me to hold.  He took ages to get back to me and surprised. They had two Jack Russells!

We got there two days later and accepted both dogs!  Naturally our little girl had a weekend of double blessing and a smile all weekend.

One and a half weeks later, we can confidently say, our new addition to the family keeps us happy.  We share lots of laughs, licks, wags and jumps every day!