A repeat lie is still a lie!

Ever had a person call you out on betrayal that never happened?  Ever had your name come up all over the place and wonder is going on?

I made friends with a pleasant lady, recently introduced by other friends and acquaintances.  She had recently come to town and had few friends.  As we got to know one another, she told me how her best bud had hurt and aboandoned her, in circumstances that were not very clear.  We began to share some common interests and she soon made friends with other people I know.  Soon, she met up with a few ladies who became her dear and treasured friends.  We were so happy for her and celebrated together often.  Then one day, I confided in her about life.  Soon, our other mutual friends received anxious calls from her, claiming that one in her circle had betrayed her.

Shocked and  devastated, I tried to establish what had transpired.  This dear girl had teamed up with a very aggressive and angry friend, who asked her to co-opt on a lie that hurt several people in one go.  It was an emotional blood bath.

After some low-level detective work and prayer – a whole lot came to light, thanks to the Holy Spirit.  These two girls are hurting individuals that take on any other ladies who ignore their domineering tendencies.  They are still friends today and  I am happy to report they receive help and support from qualified professionals, to avoid a further hurt-people hurt people wave!