Hazy Days

The rain is gone and the sun is out. The roads are dusty and the grass boasts a dirty yellow hue. It is warm outside; no wind, just a gentle breeze. Feet shift and shuffle, as they struggle to find comfort on the hardened ground. The Helpers gather in the noonday sun, baring their hair in the sun, as they untangle their braids.
Indoors, pots bubble in time for a late lunch. The air is cooler and babies snore in their cots. Toddlers waddle in their diapers and nappies.
Outside, one girl walks away, then bounds up the stairs to pick up the bawling baby. Crying soothed, baby is changed and fed. His grin warms her mood. Girl and child are smiling now as she holds him high on her shoulder. The start of another hazy, lazy afternoon.