Lie To Me Some More!


2012 is nearly over and we survived the Mayan Doomsday – yaay! Glad to see the end of the year but I always wonder what is in store for the next one.

Great things happened this year – some overseas travel to London, a really welcome break to see my other home country.  The family loved the shopping I brought back and I have warm memories of that bit of retail therapy.

Lots of hard work and promising projects some delayed and one big one postponed.  Looking back, it feels like a step climb and yet oddly enough, I don’t feel I got to the top.  Still climbing and at this moment in time, the altitude and cold are getting to me.

I also moved offices, from a serene suburb setting to a jam-ridden near town situation and wondering why I feel so suffocated of late!  One thing I do know, if I look for it, I will find it!

Through all the challenges – social, financial and family, God has been faithful to point out and work with me to resolution of a cocktail series of ridiculous issues. He reminded me that I am still in battle, with my family, in the faith, so Ephesians 6.12-18 has been a delightful mainstay for much of the year.  I let the world get between me and Jesus Christ – choosing to fret and frown, when a prayer would suffice.  Panic attacks and illness that led me to realize, if I have fear in these battles, then I am building faith in evil – not good!  Obedience is way better than sacrifice.

When things got messy and unbearable, He led me to Psalm 149 and I have wept many times in total gratitude, blessed, comforted and healed by God’s unwavering promise to deliver me!   When the challenge got too steep, God led me to Isaiah 49.23.  Every time the battle got fierce, God came forward and blessed me.

Whole lists of things are not as they should be, then again, we are human and not called to perfection, so the last week, I have celebrated with Psalms 138.1-3.

So 2013, you can try and lie to me some more, just as 2012 and previous years did – my answer will always be Jesus.  Hello year of Jubilee and hello life – how sweet you can be!  Proverbs 4.23


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