Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice!

Every relationship goes through a honeymoon stage.  Getting to know someone is one of the hardest phases of any relationship.  At any rate, friends are made and bonds strengthened.  It is a huge risk but in most cases, well worth it.  Life in general is one big risk.  From the first breath, to the last, it’s all about risk.

A horror and dread sets in, as we come to terms with the realization that the friend we made, is not what they suggest they are  There is a very real risk of heartbreak.  We plunge into the risk and prepare to face outcomes.

When it comes to faith in Jesus Christ, we need to face that very risk.  The best part is; His track record confirms Him as the sole reliable and dependent friend.  He has never let me or anyone I know down!  To be honest, I have placed the most ridiculous and unrealistic expectations on Him, especially at Christmas time, with a booklet of a wish list!  When it comes crashing down and I begrudgingly consult God’s Word, I realize that I have not kept my end of the bargain and treated Jesus in the most appalling way possible.

When I accepted my relationship with Christ, one of the basic needs of this awesome relationship, is my obedience.  But like the Bible’s first Israelite King Saul, I opt for sacrifice and go down a long winding road of misery before hitting the lowest point of the relationship.   All the while, as I make a sacrifice of good deeds and proper behavior, I remind God silently – “can you see how good I am?”  Oh the irony stings!  Adultery and sacrifice are close cousins of misery at this point!  Jesus points the way and walks with me every step of the way.

I fail to comprehend that He alone is God and the only one to atone for my sin.  In the process, I recall that Jesus Christ alone is the Sin Eater (thank you Francine Rivers!) and offers His mercy for my sin and mess willingly and in love.

Jesus Christ clearly paid the price by His sacrifice on the Cross; so why do I think my meagre attempts at atonement can come anywhere near Him.

I choose to live in God’s grace, under His mercy, love and commands!  What a joy!  Matthew 11:28.  A clear change of direction from 2 Timothy 3:1-7!Image

So my prayer this new year – that I grow in obedience to Jesus Christ in every area of my life!


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