The Long Kiss Goodbye

Cool beach

Cool beach

Ever felt trapped?  Ever worried and dithered over planning your escape route?  I recently fell into a deep hole by wrong associations.  Taking on a leadership role of a well-dressed project, after a well-dressed presentation.  I failed to ask myself some crucial questions, to base my response on good judgement.

Fatigued by a two-year stint at the most energy sapping project of all time, I was happy to take a break.  For one and a half months, I stayed home, taking care of my family.  The rest refreshed and revived my mind and body, as I fed my spirit on God’s Word.  The change was dramatic.

One area remained atrophied and severely under-nourished – my confidence and self-esteem.  The last project had a mixture of personal damage and over-compromised.  Fuelled by extensive and prolonged indecision and fear.

Fear is a spirit and cripples one in slow motion. Indecision drains the heart,mind, body and spirit, to leave one vacant and emotionally derailed.  This is the address the new project found me.

Starting on an all-time low was hard.  Little (and easy) milestones were a joy.  Within a month, I began to realise that this was no game but a battle for survival.  Only Godly and His strategy would get me out.

Now I know what decisions must be made, after a prolonged scrutiny of who I am in Christ (Psalms 139) where I am going (Matthew 11.28).

This is the best U-turn ever made – I think!  !  A change of attitude and heart, all thanks to Jesus and His Word.  What a mighty reward for listening.  I have great joy and expectation!

Back into the blue!