The week after Shambolic!

The election primaries of two leading and competing parties in our great nation, ran over the past week.  We anticipated and reviewed every possible outcome from every possible angle, or so we thought.  Public outrage took centre-stage, as materials failed to reach outlying constituencies a day to the election.  As we rose to meet the new day, once again, most of us in various parts of the country were further dismayed by repeat non-delivery or receipt of crucial election material.  The true extent of an election in shambles emerged with the failure to deliver materials within easy reach of our capital.

Memories of past discussion of ‘banana republics’ flashed before me.  The shame too clear but the pain too real to imagine.  Our primaries are in shambles and the high hopes washed away on the shores of disappointment and mislaid trust.  What now?

Our family went to Church, as we do every Sunday.  Yesterday’s Service was really special, as everyone prayed out loud, in turn.  The atmosphere went electric with pregnant expectation.  Then came the heartfelt, hopeful and sombre prayers.  Our trust in God Almighty restored. With trust and faith put into their rightful place, the peace astounding but calming one and all.  We went home as a family, peaceful, happy and centred in God.

The week after Shambolic, is our call to prayer – a need to eagerly and honestly cry out to the True Father of Our Nation!  Yahweh.  Jehovah. The Great I am. Father God.  Come join me as we pray for a very special place on earth, named Kenya.  May God guide and bless you as we pray for our nations and the people.