Following the herd

elephants crossings

One of the saddest things I have ever seen is watching followers of Christ surrendering their free will to go with the crowd or as I call it, riding with the herd.

Have you ever found yourself in a place that caused you discomfort?  Did you ever feel that you had to make a choice between going with the crowd or heading out on your own?  Well that happened to me.  After a year or two of trying to run with the crowd, I chose my path.  Friends found me odd and others discomforted by my choices.  I can assure you that I was having a whale of a time, because my conscience was clear and I prayed up before I made any choices.

Now that the general election is round the corner; twenty-six days and counting, once more – what five years are up already?  I hear and see how the people swayed to running with the herd.  It breaks my heart.  When will we realize our lives are not our own? When will we make a conscious decision to pray before we act?  What of our principles?  Why must we people-please?  What about our personal purpose?  Why does popular opinion have such a strong grip on us?

You can understand the need for wildlife and domestic animals sticking to the herd, because God has designed them to find protection and companionship in that order.  When we make a Godly decision then we reaffirm ourselves in His purpose and good intent.  In turn, we exercise His strength and determination in our lives.  That is an attractive quality, that ultimately draws others to God.  Then they will know who we are and whose we are created for. Why then do we debase ourselves?