Living on purpose

Ever taken up a role that immediately got you worried?  Ever wondered how to resolve in the meantime? 

In my experience, God is drawing my attention to a specific thing that He wants me to address.  On some occassions, ir is the one thing I would rather leave alone, out of sheer dread.  On others, it is the lack of focus or interest on my part.

If you are going through a time of change, as I am, place your trust in God alone.  People will fail us, including those we love because sometimes they are not equipped for that battle or the Lord wants to deal with the issue directly.  What we can do is praise God in the hallway of transition and immerse ourselves in who He is and develop a deeper appreciation of how great He is.  He has a solution for everything because all things belong o Him.

I have hope and I pray His hope, love and gracious presence continues to bless you on your journey.