Slipping and sliding!


When a situation goes from bad to worse, I prefer to raise my arms above my head and scream.  Sadly, as a wife and mother, I do not have that luxury!  Now that I am calm, that is possibly a huge blessing in itself.

There are few things that get under my skin, as bad service, or no service at all. A few weeks ago, we paid for and had a cable television service installed.  They admitted to not having all the equipment on hand and we let them install the television service and waited for the wi-fi box and telephone handset.  A few days later, we had the same service  installed at our offices, down the road and the only thing missing was the wi-fi box.

Naturally, I called to follow-up my home equipment and received my handset after another week’s wait.  By this time, I was ready to visit their closest outlet and manifest in full public view!  Three weeks later and we are still ‘patiently’ waiting for the wi-fi box and struggle with our single cable.

Now I realize that while I am having my sliding-out-of-the-middle-class rant, things are getting financially tighter for the average person.  What of the less fortunate, whom we condemn to live in slums and only talk about upgrading their surroundings, as though they deserve no better livelihood?

On behalf of my compatriots, I repent and cry out to God for mercy.  We are living in a time of judgement and believe the rose-coloured glasses called lots-of-empty-talk!  Heavenly Father forgive us!  Dear God, forgive me!

2 Chronicles 7:14