Self Acceptance


For years I tried to people please, just to gain acceptance, among peers, parents and anyone I met.  I smiled when I would rather cry.  I made people laugh and became the family comic, to the extent that those closest to us thought me not smart or gifted in any way.  Then my grade school piano asked my parents to stop paying for more lessons – misery as everyone who found out made fun of me.

As I have grown older, I have come to realize pleasing others is less of need and more of a strain.  When I moved out of my parents home over 20 years ago, I learned the delights of developing and acquiring my own (very) long list of wants and desires.  Quite a happy time, as I recall.

I chose following Jesus Christ over my path in my early twenties.  One f the things I noticed, is how disappointed all the ‘approvers’ were!  I had made them kings in my life, complete with voice-command and instructions on how-to without boundaries!

Isaiah 2:22 makes my place  clear – choose God or man.  Adamant, I clung to my new-found faith, resolute and filled with indescribable joy!  I cannot honestly tell you how I have maintained this stand or have any faith at all.  Only God made this possible and I am so grateful believe, despite a long, winding journey with times of pain, anguish, tear, despair all turning insignificant at the sheer joy He has given me!

Celebrate with Hebrews 13:6 because only God is willing and able to bless you with the acceptance you seek!  Enjoy this time of refreshing – off to follow Jesus Christ!


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