Waiting in the hallway


Falling ill this week was the last thing on my mind.  I spent a few days feeling a little off but braving our traffic, getting our daughter to school and starting my days very early at 7.15 or 7.30 a.m. It was all God, as I have not been able to get to work that early in years.

Thursday began as usual, a mad rush to beat the traffic and get our little girl to school.  After a meeting, I got to work and felt unusually tired.  By four in the afternoon, the fatigue unbearable, I left early, determined to rest and get to bed early.  Within the hour, I had to ask my dear husband to get me to hospital – a fibroid situation gone all wrong.  Pain, discomfort and a few minutes later, I sat before the doctor and shortly wheeled off for tests.  Faint and weak, I lost all my colour within  minutes and very nearly passed out.  I honestly thought I was going to die!

The doctors wanted me admitted for the night but I chose to go home.  I cope best in familiar surroundings with those I love.  It has been a difficult waiting time waiting in the hallway.  As the Lord reminds me, one can praise while waiting.  It has been an exhausting journey; all of four days and I want to cry out in helplessness.

My mother-in-law went into hospital on Saturday night.  Her diagnosis did not look good, with asthma, an enlarged heart, anemia, kidney malfunction and high blood pressure.   We were so worried but prayed our way through and glad to report she is doing better.  My Mum travelled back home from her weekly farming stint and was also unwell with high blood pressure.  Her medications have caused different allergic reactions but she too bounced back.

The hallway is a great place – lots of doors, windows through those doors, although I cannot reach them.  So I spend my days lying back with my eyes closed, praying when I can, praising because that has to come first and thanking God that I can pray.  Since we embarked on the study of Nehemiah last week, I get the chance to take an in-depth look at Nehemiah and Jerusalem’s broken walls and get to understand it all!

Pray with me that I can come out of this strong, that I hold onto the hem of Jesus’ garment in faith, hope and trust and for protection of my prayer time, Bible study and spiritual transformation!  May God bless you.