Rebuild and Restore

2 Corinthians 13:9 

For we are glad when we are weak and You are strong.  Your restoration is what we pray for.

Nehemiah – what a character!  Cool, calm, collected, obedient (to God and king), prayerful and willing to stand in your weakness (true self) before God, as He waited on God.  Or was he?  It seems Nehemiah let God’s Holy Spirit act through him, giving him the right attitude and temperament to approach the Persian king for support in his campaign to rebuild Jerusalem’s fallen walls.  How can I become God’s vessel of wisdom, grace, mercy and love at this time? Only prayer, belief, trust in Him will surrender me to God’s transformation. Oh that I might know Him for myself.

God wants His best for us – not our best!  I am thankful for that, even as I face hurdles because His knowledge precedes and supersedes everything! God knows all things, after all He is our Creator.  So I am thankful that in this time of rest, I can set my mind to His rebuild and restore.  Rest now with prayer.  Rest and trust Him.  Pray and trust God.  I am finally beginning to enjoy this walk – late bloomers are welcome too, just are Baptists, Lutherans, Roman Catholics and unbelievers.  What a treat!  Are you ready?