The man who hated family

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    And he took them the same hour of the night and washed their wounds; and he was baptized at once, he and all his family.

The man married the woman months after they left High School.  He spent the preceding years torturing her with the odd glance, then  months of no communication.  Her friends begged her to move on but the girl believed he would bring her the stability she craved.

Once married, he treated her with disdain, laughing with her on occasion and behaving badly the rest of the time.  Their Helper feared the man.  She said so to the new wife.  Wife, quickly pregnant, resolved to make the best of it.  Wife’s mother cried endlessly.  Wife’s brothers were so happy to have her leave home, forgetting that she is barely still a girl, innocent and now desperate.  Girl’s father had died.

Baby is born.  New wife is happy.  Once home from the hospital, new husband finds her unappealing.  His eyes follow their live-in Helper, as she fetches, cooks and cleans.  New wife is sad but resolves to make her marriage work.  One day, a brave neighbour tells new wife that new husband comes home for several hours during the day.  New wife is shocked.  New husband is making a baby with dear Helper.

New husband denies.  He lies.  He cheats and sleeps with his conscience switched off to new wife, never mind baby.  When baby cries, he tantrums, scratches, smacks, slaps and nearly throws her.  Helper grabs baby and hides.  New wife protests and cries, pleading for her place in his heart.  He hardens his heart, hastily makes peace and the cycle starts all over again.

Now she is old wife.  Helper left after her baby’s born.  New husband is now stale husband and looking older with every sneer, smirk and careless retort he gives old wife.  Baby’s growing and conscious of this strained love-hate relationship.  Baby hates this artificial bond held together by wagging tongues.  New wife grows old and cold.  She is bitter.

New husband is only new to the next conquest.  He becomes a bitter pill the family swallows afresh every day.  He is mean, harsh, angry and over-wrought with guilt.  He hates his family but is trapped in the reality the new love conquests would love to kill him off.  No one can stomach his mad-love games.  He hates his family and plays torturous games of money, business and unforgiven trespasses. Old husband acts crazy, even his friends have left his mind go to rot.

Baby meets Jesus one night in her room.  He speaks to her out of His Holy Word, soothing and calming her. Jesus rebuilds her heart with healing and love.  Baby is now a grown woman, filled with love, joy and assurance of God’s peace.  Psalm 147 is her treasure trove.  Following Jesus cures her deepest pain.  Old mother is now newborn again too!