What about the lions?


Lions. Who needs them and what are they there for?  I love lions, particularly after C. S. Lewis’s “Aslan” graced our screens recently.  The allegorical reminder of the Bible’s lion and the lamb spring to mind and warm the heart.  I love their sociability, their love and bond as a pride. So God created lions too (as with everything else) and as He was careful to have them join Noah and his family in the Ark, as He flooded the earth, then I think God has a plan for them – to bless us all.

Back to the lions.  We have less than 2,000 lions left in our beautiful land and fifty years ago, we had a healthy population of 20,000.  My heart weeps.  We continue to casually and aimlessly decimate their numbers, willfully and wantonly, hapless about what the future holds, for a nation so dependent on tourism.  Lions mean livelihood and a better economy, as visitors book and part with large sums to fly to or sail here, just to catch a glimpse of these majestic animals.

I recently worked with the Born Free Foundation.  The story of Elsa warmed people across the world to the plight of lions everywhere. Virginia McKenna, the British actress in the film still works to save the world’s lions and has a special affection for Kenya. See more at:http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/elsa/elsa-introduction.html/episodes/elsas-legacy-the-born-free-story/introduction/6139/

Then came Christian the lion and another winning story with George Adamson, as the world’s first lion-man. This incredible true life story of the rescue and release of a lion sold at Harrods, into Meru National Park’s wild lands, under the care of George Adamson.
His words in ‘Elsa: the lioness that changed the world’ haunt me even now; “who is going to care for Kenya’s lions?”

As followers of Christ, we are reknowned for our words and this is our chance to act.  We need to participate and make a difference.  Would God have you do this and bless the next generation? I think so – it’s just a part of giving and also stewardship.

Help me raise support for lions everywhere – sign up with any of the following programmes:

Born Free: http://www.bornfree.org.uk/

Ewaso Lions: http://ewasolions.org/

African Wildlife Foundation: http://www.awf.org/

Lion Conservation Fund: http://www.lionconservationfund.org/