Faking It

helloEphesians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Life as a new follower of Christ turns tough, soon after the deepest and most hones conversation you will ever have with God.  Why?  It starts with the fact that you have this precious relationship that you have just sealed. Then life propels you back into the real world.  Worry snowballs into anxiety as you realize every single response you made to the simplest things was inappropriate.  So you fake it.  Mask one, round one.

Alone at night, you come clean before God.  Faking it gives you the least desirable and troublesome burden.  You wrestle with your conscience and nearly lose.  Common sense prevails and you are back with Jesus once again, confident if not battle weary.  Once again, the baggage did look attractive.  Like the lone passenger at a foreign airport, searching for their luggage and picking the same bag, that is clearly not yours, you return it hoping no one noticed.  Compromise is no longer an option.

Once you open your eyes, relief floods in as you celebrate a new day.  Each day with God is a new beginning.  Every moment is a chance at a new beginning as we grow in faith, trust and hope.  Transformed.  Sometimes one cannot recognize the old ‘me’.  That is when we know that faking it, is no longer an option.   May God walk me through transformation for the rest of my life, because it certainly will take a long time to be like Him!  What is your transformation like?