Mending the family

ID-100126333Sunrise is only minutes away and Budu’s eyes flicker and open.  He gazes across the bed and straining through the shadows, to catches a glimpse of his wife’s sleeping form.  Restless, he turns to his wife, reaches out to her and stops short of touching her, wondering, where and how should I touch her.  Budu thinks better of it and starts to turn away.  Bette gently reaches out to him and he snuggled into her neck.  They fall asleep, Budu smiling at this re-initiation.  It is Sunday after all.

Bette rises an hour later, smiles and caresses his face and arms.  He flutters his eyelids, a little shy and unsure of himself.  She sits up, reads the Bible to him, in her soft gentle voice, then praises God for all He has done for them.  She asks God to forgive them all, bless them and lead them on.  Budu listens without the usual unpleasant retort.  Shaken at the sincerity and confidence in Bette’s voice as she speaks to God, it dawns on Budu that God alone stood with His wife, as he busied himself with the other woman in their lives.  Shame hit him.  Bette senses a shift in the atmosphere and reaches out to him, drawing him close.  His insecurities subside.  Budu looks at her, momentarily reassured.  Her heart pounds as the enemy reminds her of Budu’s wrongs.  She mouths, ‘Help me Jesus!” as he heads to the bathroom, taking in a deep breath and begins the day.

As they sit together for breakfast, he looks over the newspaper, sets it down minutes later and asks her if they should attend her Church Service together.  She gazes at him, disguising her surprise and answers in the affirmative.  Budu tries to suppress a smile and picks up the newspaper once more.  A minute later, he sets it down and helps Bette clear the table. Taken aback, her movement to and from the kitchen sink are awkward and uncertain.  Budu never once cleared the table in his life, she thought.  It could be that she spoiled him.  The regrets, shame, dismay shot back.  Bette prayed in her heart once more and they washed the dishes together.

Bette wanted to laugh out loud.  All these years gone by and Budu would only help her when they turned older and wrinkled.  How strange?  She mentioned this in a light tone to Budu and they burst out loud together.  Once done, they left to get dressed and left for Church still laughing.  Budu came alive, brighter, bolder and fulfilled as he heard the sermon.  Bette praised as always, deeply moved and focused on Christ.  A new chance at a life of spiritual riches.


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