Highway or Hallway


The waiting game – waiting to hear back from an interviewer, your bank on that mortgage, school about acceptance – none of it is ever easy.  Waiting.  Patience is not my strong point but something I have asked God to help me out.

We are waiting on the results of our General Election, the biggest ever in our country’s history.  After waiting for hours to cast our votes, with a general feel good atmosphere and general camaraderie, that should have been bottled for posterity!  Now we are now down in the mouth!  It’s the waiting – little patience and growing anxiety are a recipe for restlessness.  It’s the microwave living principle that is to blame – all personal choice and attitude.  A hallway is a safer place than the side of the highway!

God has this and everything else under control.  He is neither surprised nor disturbed, so as His child, why should I be.  I waited in the dark in a very long queue in very unfamiliar grounds of a public school with perfect strangers. So why should I complain as I sit at home, waiting for the results?  Resolved – I will wait on God’s results and timing.

  • Luke 8:15  As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.


3 thoughts on “Highway or Hallway

  1. After reading your post I had to find out where you were writing from. Kenya? If I am correct, I am all the more intrigued to hear how the election turns out in your eyes. I had a very good friend I went to college with whom after graduating, went back to Kenya. It was with horror that I learned two years later that she was killed along with her family by rebels. (This was well over a decade ago). Blessings.

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