Waiting with a microwave mindset


I love antiques. I would love to collect as many as possible.  But what would I do with all of them?  Not sure.  Then again, as I start a new journey of ‘frugal living’ it is probably best to love antiques from a distance.  Antiques.  If I had a gramophone player, I would have to play old records produced for its use and forget all dreams of plugging in my iPod!  Tricky.  I love all things ‘i’ and that would demand some serious change.

The charm and beauty of antiques, captivates the imagination and reignites a love for old world charm, which comes over me like a fever in my daydreams.  The trouble is that one would have to wind up a gramophone before you play any of the old records.  Not for me, certainly.  When it winds down, that would mean my cranking it up again!  End of joy, at least for a moment.


Waiting is pretty much the same, so if you will excuse me, I will go wind a clock, wind up a gramophone, add more coals to the old iron-box or some such thing.   Best to keep busy and stay out of trouble as I wait.  Idle moments always open the door to fear and despair.  Waiting for stuff would be so much easier if all the stuff had microwave buttons right?

So as I wait for our election results, I will get busy in my Father’s vineyard, plant and prune grapes and check with Him on what is next. One thing about our family vineyard is the endless opportunity for praise, worship, prayer and peace.  What better joy?


Write you soon, with adventures from the vineyard!


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