Ready to face the dawn

A-new-commandmentChange is coming. This is I sensed two weeks ago.  What an adventure it has been.  Short days and long nights as God asked us to pray.  Pray we did.  Staying close to God and asking that He shows us where He is going, following, watching and waiting.  Listening even in the unsettled quiet.  Calm before the storm, only in this case, the storm came first.

Sleep escapes me.  Sheets cling to me.  Tossing this way and that, managing to disturb my husband.  Praying quietly in my heart. Casting off the duvet as I move the pillow.  No comfort is found here.  That the Lord of Hosts would appoint me His sentry is nearly amusing.  Yet, He sees all, looking into my heart and spirit.  God knows why He chose me.  In view of His creation, He makes the best choice every time.

Morning comes and I roll out of bed, my knees hit the floor gently, yet still they creak.  Sixty-eight year old knees give the best they have to offer.  Pray some more and thank God for a fresh start today.  God knows my heart and He casts out all my fear.  Relieved, I pray on, quietly encouraged, gaining in strength for the day.  Nearly laughing, I end my prayer.  the comfort and joy unswayed by less sleep. I am ready to face the dawn.


2 thoughts on “Ready to face the dawn

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