Ripples of change


Quiet time in the garden.  Sitting alone under a gentle breeze, ready to pray.  Mornings are so beautiful.  My joints stiff as I shift on the bench.  With legs outstretched, the pain eases.  Back to focus on prayer and worship.  The songs play out in my mind, with the right words for the prayers God places on my heart.

I hum gently, my back supported by the wooden bench.  In a moment, my whole body suddenly soothed and refreshed.  God’s healing touch extends before I ask.  Joy floods and comforts me some more.  His Holy Spirit presence is gentle and wholesome.  Mind clarifies, praise and worship deeper still.  Prayers roll out with peace and joy.

I hear a twig snap and stop, eyes fluttering open.  My husbands face beams over me.  He discovers my prayer closet and joins me, Bible in hand.  His new-found faith, a growing comfort to him.  Husband takes a seat and holds my hand.  He lets me pray once more and we sit in silence.  I turn to him as he opens his Bible.  Husband reads out the verses God gives him – we smile and seal these awesome promises in prayer.

Retirement has its benefits – a Godly pace and a chance to begin again in prayer!