the man who hated family 3

The telephone rang.  Budu sat up, squinting in the afternoon sun.  He had no idea where he was and why he would nap in the middle of the day.  As he turned his head,     Bette came into focus.  She smiled andThe lovely couple handed him the phone.  Budu reached for it and answered in a gruff voice.  Sam!  Their oldest son called from the United States.  He spoke with great excitement and Budu returned the sentiment, finding himself in unfamiliar emotional territory, navigating imaginary mines, and finding there are none.

Bette sat close by.  Smiling and nodding all the while, encouraging her husband as he struggled against a tide of emotion and unpleasant family memories.  She placed her arm on his back. briefly looking away to calm her own thoughts in silent prayer.  God turning the tide!  Bette sensed his calming muscles and thanked God that she had lived to see this day.  Sam sounded so relieved, overjoyed and slightly overwhelmed.  Their daughter-in-law and grandchildren clamoured for the phone, keeping conversation short and so precious.  Bette’s heart nearly bursting at the seams, as Budu handed her the phone.  Her voice trembling as she spoke, she prayed with each one as they made plans to meet in the next few weeks.

Budu sat back in the seat, smiling and partially incredulous.  A chance to mend their relationships beyond his expectations.  Daily he prayed for God’s forgiveness.  Then one day, he begged God to sort it all out, relinquishing all control of the situation.  He had run into the bathroom and cried like a child, desperate, weary and burdened.  Weeks late, God surprised him with this and other calls.  He squeezed Bette’s hand as he pulled her face toward his, eyes tearing and he kissed her, gently.  Bette kissed him back and clung to him, praising God in her heart and ready to dance her joy before the world!

They spent the rest of the evening preparing a meal together, planning out their holiday routeNew York by way of Barbados.  Thirteen years since their last holiday!  Thirteen years since they last visited Sam and his family.  Thirteen years too long and God resolved all their estrangement in a matter of weeks.


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