Finding Freedom

Amelia loves approval – other people’s approval.  She smiles and delights in it.  She turns eighteen today and slices her cake as instructed, by her Mum.  Amelia deliberately wedges the cake, cutting more slices for her siblings, watching her domineering mother from the corner of her eye.  She carries on, awaiting further instruction.  Mother smiles.  Amelia, comforted and reaffirmed.  Obedience is her goal.  The enemy sees a gap and colonizes her soul.  Amelia sees herself though other people’s eyes.


Now thirty-three, Amelia looks within to recover her instinct.  Her hew faith in Christ established, she struggles between biblical guidance and her personal conscience, guilty when neither serves the purpose.  Her patient husband coaxes her out of her shell, late in the night and nearly every day.  Amelia fears her identity challenged by life choices and decisions.

Mother calls her daily, prompting her at her every whim and decision, oblivious and mostly unaware of Amelia’s circumstances.  Amelia’s husband patiently listens in.  They begin to pray about this together.  Amelia limits her discussions with both Mum and Dad to need-to-know information.  The turmoil inside dissipates from boiling point to a simmer.  Her husband Matt supports and encourages her new freedom.

 God works within and around them.  Weeks later, Amelia senses a change in her relationship with her mother and then with her father.  A sense of respect for her personal maturity and judgement.  She shares this with her husband Matt.  They celebrate each small victory with prayer and thanksgiving.  Their relationship deepens and their bond strengthens, love is their mainstay as their worries and regrets fade into their past.

Galatians 5:21 – For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.