The Write Story

Daydreaming!  That is how it all started.  Born a dreamer, my early days a daydream, or a series of daydreams.  Creativity and invention, injected with some laughter are at the core of my existence.  Proof that God Himself imparted this love for adventure, subsequent tales and endless day dreams. Then I lost my way.  I set off to study Business.  No bells or whistles, all business.  Some joy and a good deal of anticipation.    A new challenge.  Less creativity and more to daydream about.

ID-10075443Doodling during log lectures turns to a cartoon strip then writing short stories.  Dreams at night and daydreams during the day.  Stolen moments throughout the day.  No time for love or other distractions.  Grandma says let your pen work for you.  I smile, she smiles, then we laugh.  Forgotten only to remember when all roads closed.  No future path.  No choices.  A head full of daydreams and nights awash with dreams.

Words flow thick and fast.  Not enough paper to write and notebooks are tedious to keep up.  At last, a typewriter!  Tapping and typing, the machine pings every few minutes.  Joy as a flood of words meshes with paper, to reproduce dreams, stories, tales and whales!  Laughter.  Certainty.  Assurance.  God’s creativity is at hand forever and again!

“Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.”
C.S. Lewis