The Ultimate Gift

12040960-a-crown-of-thorns-and-a-crossEaster conjures up sad memories of Christ’s suffering, betrayal, shoddy trial and crucifixion.  Early memories of Jesus’ suffering led to me wonder why anyone would celebrate Easter.  Fears now quashed, as God gave me understanding.

That the Messiah would choose death, as He chose to defend all those who confess their belief in Him?  Simply awesome.  That our sin would play a part in His death?  Our guilt.  The Messiah is celebrated today, over and over again.

Today we relive the memory of His grand entry into Jerusalem, on Palm Sunday.  Showering Him with praise and lavishing His presence with every honourable act we imagine.  A grand display and a worthy show of praise.  Within days, the same crowd falls silent and a swift trial of the Son of God leads Him to the Cross.  Flogged, shamed, chained and forced to carry His own Cross, Jesus is led to Golgotha, the place of the Skull.   The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Jesus’ sacrifice shocks, shatters and shames the world.  The very depths of Hades is shaken and changed by His glory.  The earth above thunders under the weight of an earthquake.  The veil in the Temple torn in two.  The Priests fall over in the presence of His Holiness.  Every earthly order changed for all eternity.

Sin still knocks us off the beaten track.  Our belief, trust and faith revived by God’s Holy Spirit.  We have hope and a reason to belief and share this knowledge and the security of this free gift.  This gift paid in full by the blood of Christ.  We celebrate Easter is a great reason for our choice to believe in Christ; a celebration of His ultimate sacrifice.  Easter for us is the Ultimate Gift!