The Open Door

Waiting.  Shifting.  Repositioning.  All without any knowledge of what comes next.  Anxious.  Irritable.  Standing alone in silence.ID-100129031

No seats. Not a single chair.  No tea or coffee.  No water.  No newspapers or magazines.  Just a long hallway.  One door on this end and another one at the other.  The door I walked through seems to melt into the wall.  Irrelevant, since I do not wish to go back.  Waiting.  Listening met with a solitary silence.  No movement.  No wind but plenty of fresh air.  Hold my breath and listen, then ease my mind into the tranquility of the moment.  Peace at last.  Focus on God and pray.  A calming and pleasant air takes over me, as I subside into God’s flow.

A long drawn breathe of increasingly fresh air stills me further.  A sense of joy rises.  Fear ebbs away, drifting away like a fading shadow.  The door seems to morph into three!  Free will is within my grasp.14709982-three-open-doors-in-gray-room A trick of the mind or the eyes?  Who can say?  Mind recedes back into prayer, asking, seeking and the answer comes – beware of what shines too bright!

My mind’s eye registers the disappearance of the other two doors and the narrowing of the corridor to its original width, height and depth.  Colours appear, transforming the classic white scene into a splash of colour – bursting with life!14095434-3d-render-of-red-door-in-green-wallI sense something is not right and strain to hear whether I should go.  Silence. Then an assurance there is no future through this door.  Think again my heart tells me.


Single-minded I relax and let go.  Waiting always pays off, so I wait some more.  Calm, assured and peaceful.  A garden gate instead of a door, leads me to a Garden.  Could this be the famous Father’s Vineyard I sought and dreamed of.  The day is finally here and the time to set off  to do His work now!  Delighted to find the perfect place in His will.  Working in His Vineyard is well worth the wait!