flag onface

Patriotism is at an all time high in our land.  A couple of years of electoral campaigns (it could have been two but felt like five!)  Weary, watchful and waiting, we prayed, seeking, crying and fasting; we asked God to show us the way.  We had gone too far, taking on politics as our main point of interest and for others, our source of entertainment.  A long, hard grind for all.  It is back to work, for a nation that loves to work!  We cannot wait.

I look forward to coffee stains, challenges, adventures and all.  I ask and pray that God would take me to a new level in Him, as I pursue Him.  Lord, I pray, more of You and less of us.  We welcome coffee stains, broken pots and all!  That God would have me imperfect as I am is a complete blessing!  Only God is perfect, no person, no function, no tool or result has to be perfect.