Aiding and Abetting

ImageOur daughter came home from school one day and dropped onto the sofa face drawn and followed by a long sigh.  “That is it!  No more soccer for me.  It was so embarrassing!”  Naturally, we asked what had taken place and she blurted out that one classmate scored an own-goal.  The other school team laughed until tears came streaming down their faces.  Our daughter’s team could do little else, than retreat to the side lines and hope their opponents would get over it.

“Okay, tell me. Was it a mistake on her part or what?” I asked.  “No Mum, she ran at us shouting, ‘I am defender!’ and scored!”  The P. E. Teacher was naturally more upset than the team-mates and asked the poor girl to sit out the rest of the match.  It was all so bizarre.  I did ask if she understood the rules of the game, which she did and was left wondering if the heat before the rain had got to her.  Apparently not.  Their team lost and their class and school shamed almost to the point of no-recognition.  This time, we both let out a long sigh.


I do the same thing with my faith walk.  I profess I am on God’s side and proceed to score for the losing side.  My intentions right, I set out to conquer the world with right actions and within days or hours, I am angry and upset. Before I know it, I react in a manner that would cause anyone personal disappointment. In all fairness, all of us have our episodes.  Scoring own-goals is akin to helping our enemy.  Or maybe we should call it aiding and abetting. Not good.

How are we going to manage this?  Stay in the Word, dwell in it, pray and let the Holy Spirit be our guide.  We can make a conscious decision and listen for God daily and as often as we can.  Our choices include fellowship with people who love, encourage and grow with us.  Simple rule – great friendships shape great people!   Who better than our Maker, Creator and the Living God for a friend?  He is a friend we can aid and abet anywhere, any day and without fear or favour.  After all, He did it for you!Image