The Scattering

3ladies laugh

Community is something we are designed to appreciate and at the best of times, we revel in it. The rest of the time, we crave acceptance, company and comfort.  After all, God created us for His enjoyment and blessing and in His company we find joy and fulfillment. So what better way to live than finding the right community?

Sounds easy, right?  It all depends on where you are at in life, how much you are willing to share with others and your commitment to a healthy balanced life.  These are some of the factors that determine our decision for community or fellowship.  Sometimes convenience, availability and shared mindset.  Whatever shapes our opinions and response determines the quality of these relationships.


I am thankful for the friends our Papa has given me.  These women pray with me, stand with me and understand me.  These women let me be.  They are my praying friends.  The Lionesses.  We have survived many trials together and separately.  In all of Life’s offerings, God is faithful.  His Word tells us we too can be His friends, if we obey, trust and follow His direction.  If we obey Him, He guarantees His presence, guidance, love, blessing, favour, grace, healing, providence and protection.  This is only a portion of what He desires to bless you with!  (Psalms 37:4) Our Papa grows our faith.  He did it for Job, then He can do it for me!  Job had this to say,

Job 29:4

as I was in my primewhen the friendship of God was upon my tent

God desires to send us out all over the earth.  He wants to scatter His seed far and wide.  Will you be His seed?  God wants to be your friend.  He wants to surround you with His blessing and favour.  He knocks at the door of your heart.  Our Papa, Creator, Redeemer, Saviour and Lover is seeking you out.  He will not impose Himself on you (Revelations 3:20).  Papa knocks and waits for you to answer.  Will you let Him in and be His friend?