Happy Mother’s Day



Mothers teach us to love,

they make us smile

We make them laugh

Mothers keep us real!

I have the best mother ever!  No, I mean it!  She is amazing and I thank God for her every single day. 

Mum taught me how to look after myself and prepared me for a very big bad world through an enhanced reality.  She walked me through much but let me experience life’s lessons, so that they would be my own.  Today, I honour my Mum, for the incredibly warm, kind, loving and generous lady that she is.  She raised four distinctly different individuals.  Everyone who knows her will tell you how amazingly intelligent she is.  I love my Mum and I pray God continues to bless and favour her, as she marvels us daily as the ideal Proverbs 31 woman!

God created Mums like mine, so He could show us just how much He loves us. 

Happy Mother’s Day!  Belatedly, as I never write in Sundays….



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