Letters to my daughter


Children are such a blessing and mine is no different. She came into this world twelve years ago, a beautiful, bouncing baby, with wavy locks, large oriental eyes and a huge heart-warming smile.  She spent hours smiling each day, slept through the night and fed well.  Our little girl is uncharacteristically quiet, warm and full of joy.  Our little angel turned twelve and as I speak to her, we realize she blossoms into a young woman every day.


My letter to you, Angel, is one of fun memories in the sun, sand and waves; and cuddling in the cold months. Watching our favourite shows, movies, teaching you how to ride a bicycle and then to drive at GP Karting.  Tons of homework and studying for tests.  Reading and joining a library, borrowing books together and sharing our thoughts on  what we read.  I remember things that frightened you as a child.  How you have grown my Angel.

coast boating

As a little girl, every trip to the Coast an adventure, with you chasing the waves and running away, then right back again.  Lots of giggles, laughter, stitches and rolling around in the sand.  I only just cleared out the last of your sandpit toys.  Tiny little shovels, buckets and rakes.  I remember the many sandcastles complete with moats and the holiday on that distant magical island.  Starry nights and stargazing.  Camping out and eating toasted marshmallows.

Memories and flashbacks surround me still, Angel.  Your Dad and I love you more each day.  There are many more letters to come, oh little one! May God continue to bless and watch over you always.

love letter