In need of women more than ever!

‘The potential for lasting change lies in the hands of millions of women currently living in poverty. That’s why we put women’s rights at the heart of everything we do.’ – Oxfam GB

Kenya‘s Daily Nation ran a cartoon that portrayed the country’s women in a negative light and insulted our Deputy President; neither of which is acceptable.

We are facing increased gender violence and continue to marry off very young girls to older men.  We allow female gender mutilation and claim it serves the purpose of taming the female libido, when clearly women are better adherents of social norms and values the world over. What is this constant purge on women that yields negative fruit?

8453125-portrait-of-three-attractive-young-women-in-studio-standing-in-lineOur society is facing unabated moral decay, with irresponsible social standards that harm a section of society, to allow men to keep up their leadership role, leaving society in distress, with shattered women and children without fathers.  Kenya, this cannot go on.  We cannot allow our nation to fall into the hands of whimsical leaders who giggle as they address the Parliamentary Speaker on such issues.  We need to let go of our past and move forward socially and refuse to linger on dreams past, claiming we are moving forward.

Our President and Deputy President brought their wives to the forefront with their wives at their sides, honouring the role of women and family.  It’s time to wake up and join Kenya in a new day – where family lives in our hears and minds. Reject all that shackle us to unjust expectations of the past, lest we reject the striding educational and forward-looking gains we have made.  The past is in the past.  We cannot aspire to those ideals and hold a place in the global era. Where are the Christians?  Is this what we stand for?


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