Navigating singlehood to a relationship

7807312-group-of-friendly-business-colleaguesWe had a vibrant Home Group discussion this week, as we brought our Nehemiah study to a close.  As we read and discussed chapter 13, one question led to a hearty talk about the challenges that followers of Christ face in relationships.  One thing that is certain; there is incredible social pressure to be in a relationship.  Both men and women agree that the pressure from family members, parents and friends is intense. The difficulty lies in the push to find a ‘nice young man or woman’ to settle down with. I felt the urge to jump in and offer solutions but held my tongue.


The main themes of this hearty discussion saw us delve into the Bible. Nehemiah 11 reminds us the danger of being unequally yoked, which we established, can happen among believers, with one party living in carnality and the other striding forward in Godly transformation.   We unanimously agreed that we need to pursue God first, as gently put in Psalms 37:4, 5.  We also appreciated the need to be in frequent and constant prayer for a Godly partner.


One thing I do know , when we pursue God’s heart and will, remaining focused on His will, we take our relationship in Him to the next level.  Our relationship with God is strengthened as we choose to intentionally wander from the shallows into the depths.  God gave me a picture.  There I was, swimming in the depths of the sea.  I heard the Lord ask me to go deeper with Him.  As I swam deeper still, He asked me to look up and I saw the sun’s rays gently fracture the water directly above.  The water currents gave the dancing sunlight, streaming down into the depths of the sea.  All I remember is the immense joy washing over me.  I knew then, I had found the perfect place of faith.

Father God, I pray that you would protect each one of the single people reading this post.  I ask that you cover them in the blood of Jesus and that your Holy Spirit would move in their lives, directing their choices and dreams for You alone.  Thank you for leading us in the right direction; by giving us the right partner and blessing our union together.  We pray that we would keep our focus.  Thank you for loving us first and for blessing us.  We praise and bless your name, in Jesus’ mighty, matchless name. Amen