One more blessing

One year ago, we brought home a lovely part dachshund, part Jack Russel named Pebbly.  She was only a year and a half old, abandoned, abused, caged and starved.  But this little dog stole our hearts after a visit to the KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  There she was, in a large kennel with a male dachshund, who barked back the aggressive larger dogs in surrounding kennels.  Pebbly quietly observed us as we approached the kennel, careful not to bark or whimper.  Her gently loving eyes greeted us with a silent plea for us to take her home.


That was May 31st last year and two days later, we took her home.  She was calm and quiet before  we put her in the car.  Attentive and obedient, she sat on our daughter’s lap, eager to see her new home.  Her roommate, Chow Chow had a different temperament – the angry street dog, destined to everyone payback for someone else’s sin.  He found a home that suited him, lots of room, a large garden and a patient loving family.

Once home, Pebbly settled in like a duck taking to water.   She prefers to eat what we eat and has never taken to dog food, which we find amusing.  She lives a very balanced life, eating mangoes, avocados and vegetables freely.  People laugh, we just love.Dear God, we are so thankful for our lovely dog.


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