Shifting sands once more


“The birds have circled for a while now”, said the girl. She went on, “Yesterday felt much worse!'” As I write this post, I realize I she and her family spent the last 24 hours ‘feeling’ stuff.  Blame it on shifting atmospheres.  Things are set to change because God handles all.  Change is coming, whether we like it or not.

2 Corinthians 5:17

As the old self unravels, a sense of death is strangely welcome. The warm comfort of Scripture and God’s reassurance.  The seasons change and we adapt to our new environment, like shifting sands.  36 hours after dreary news came answered prayer.  A sigh of relief, a silent prayer and near disbelief.  God shone through and delivered them from certain bankruptcy.

“The birds have left”, the little girl shared.  ”

The sun is out and God’s arms are around us in June”, beamed the girl’s mother.  “God is here and we cannot find the words to thank Him enough!”Image

The shifting sands of time, directed under God’s awesome care, control and plans!  I remember that girl and thank God for all He continues to do.  What about you?