Chasing Goliath

armourShould I get the chance to play boy David, do you think I can jump Goliath from a cliff?  Just thinking…. just saying!  My Goliath comes in the form of three characters working over time to attack and damage my faith.  I would love to go into battle but the Lord asks me to be still.  So here I stand in the hallway, polishing my armour.  As I lean against the wall, I get a clear perspective of my next course of action.  God would not have me taunt or play with Goliath.  His plans involve one strike at the abominable giant.  God is not playing and neither will I.

The only option is obedience, like David.  One shot leads to success.  No room for doubt.  How awesome it is to know the end of the story!  I take aim, listen to the Holy Spirit and the little shiny pebble whistles in the wind, melting into the air ahead. Suddenly there’s a shriek followed by a thud.  Goliath who thought he was mighty has fallen, his skirt over his head.  His jeering army gasp in unison. Then silence all around.  They turn and flee; big strong men elbowing one another out-of-the-way.  Javelins, spears and a few shields strewn across the field.  One looks over the shoulder and screams, ‘he’s coming!’ and the scene turns into a stampede.  They run in desperation.  Dread paralyses them but fear drives them on.

Looking at David’s experience – God told him to pick up pebbles for his sling and in one shot brought down the giant.  Prayer changes us. It brings us into communion and communication with God, to greater wisdom in our day to day living.10771205-an-american-road-sign-with-sky-background-and-copy-space-for-your-message-your-future-and-past