The Return of Tranquility


Ever listened to so much drivel that your ears could fall off?  That is the world as it is today.  Sometimes we do not have a choice about where the Lord sends us.    For instance, this week, I went for a meeting and as I waited in the reception room, a young man and his visitor lady friend sat and gossiped about their work places, mutual friends and family.  For some reason, it got to me!  I have the gift of great hearing and can often hear whispers in other offices and corridors!  My hearing is not the issue here.

The two chattered on, animated and vehement about the behaviour of all and sundry, including authority figures.  Just as I contemplated a scream, the male receptionist strode in and announced to the dark-suited, dark-mood lady that her interviewers were ready to see her!  I nearly burst out laughing, at the irony of a graveyard conversation would lead to the total opposite!  After nearly forty-minutes of cringing in the leather sofa at my end of the room, I was able to lean back and stretch out and read the intriguing business magazine that caught my eye.

Dark-mood lady exited the room with a show of dignity.  The thin male friend, stuck his wiry arms into his pockets and silently slipped out of the room, balancing his eerie frameless glasses on his long nose, face devoid of expression.  The receptionist titled back in his seat and smiled in silent relief.  I imagine, his ears burned half as much as mine at this point.

With peace restored, I shifted on the leather sofa, enjoying the creak of warm genuine leather.  The room fell silent and the words, articles and colours of the magazine came alive, transporting me to the best of London business and new social media trends.  The worship songs I listened to earlier played in sequence in my mind.  My heart-rate cooled and my poise returned, as the Holy Spirit swept in, bringing peace and tranquility.


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