The line in the sand


Matthew 8:24   English Standard Version

24 And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep.


The picture of Jesus sleeping through a storm, all warm, wrapped up and cosy makes me smile and sometimes chuckle at the thought.  The disciples, in near panic notice Jesus in deep slumber, no fear and not a streak of worry.  Their panic, palpable, as one rushed to scoop and pour out  water seeping over the sides.  Another wrestles with a flapping sail, enlisting the help of others in shrieks and cries for help.  Others debate jumping into the Sea of Galilee to save themselves.  Others still aghast at Jesus’ peace in present danger.  Still He sleeps.   The disciples call out to Him, after trying to take matters into their own hands.

Jesus rises, then calls out, commanding the storm to be still. Immediately the elements obey.  Clouds drift away, rays of sun stream the sky.  The waters of Galilee ripple and the boat gently tease the boat.  The last bucket of water tossed overboard.  The disciples slowing their previously panicked activity to a halt, bewildered and now relieved.  Some take their seats, exhaling in pure exhilaration.  All eyes are on Jesus, the conqueror of the storm.  Slowly each one of the men recognize Him for who He is, Son of the Living God, the Messiah.

Like the disciples, I have kick myself at the realization Jesus is in full control of every aspect of all life, including my own.  It is so easy to respond to storms  with what the world teaches us.  I yearn to learn and fully grasp a response that keeps my Saviour first in everything.  Thankfully, He is patient with all of us, to allow us to take the test over and over.  Faith is the passing grade.  His Grace abounds in all situations, if we keep our focus on Jim, reminding ourselves of His promises.  He is trustworthy, every time, irrespective of our situation.  Jesus stood up to the storm, commanding the elements He created.  He let the disciples witness the power of spoken word.  He is the Word.  We are made in His image and He left us His Holy Spirit.  We need to speak into our storms, in the confidence that God is in control of our destiny.  This is the final line in the sand, against all fear.   Where will you draw the line?  Is this mess finally too much to bear?

lamu beachesSuddenly sleepy.  A peaceful lulll settles over mind and matter, drawing me to a quiet moment in His presence, to praise Him for His mercy, restoration and conquering Spirit.  My heart is glad at knowing the Creator owns my spirit and commands every situation to His glory and for my reward. Confidence restored, I hazard a smile, joy flooding my being.  Such sweet rescue and security.  Truly He is my Saviour!