Kenya undeterred!


We stand strong, undeterred and unmoved by the demands of terrorism.  Praying with the Westgate Mall hostages, their families and for all those who lost loved ones.  We will remain a bastion of progressive peace and will not renege!  God is our defender, our strong tower and shield of faith.  Proverbs 18:10.



Kenya – A Hidden Gem!




I begin a series on what is hot in Kenya and why you need to visit this hidden travel gem. Kenya is a beautiful country of landscape contrasts, with pristine white and golden beaches on the Indian Ocean and magical islands that were city states for centuries, fending off the Arabs and Portuguese in various battles, long before the arrival of the British settlers.  

11826743-beach-in-kenya-tiwi-beach 5975076-explorers

Inland, the land appears to hold up the sky, with Mt. Kenya and the lesser-known Mt. Elgon’s snow-capped peaks. Mt. Kilimanjaro was a part of Kenya but gifted to a German Kaiser by Queen Victoria under British rule.  The savanna’s wide open spaces interrupted by scrub, bush and forest, rolling into and out of the famous Great Rift Valley that straddles this country.  Craters of dormant volcanoes dot the landscape.  Alkaline lakes invite flamingos and other exotic fresh water birds.


This was the view on the road this morning – cool, misty and a nippy 14 celsius – signature Maasai country temperatures (above).  In the photo is Mt. Kilimanjaro at dawn, as viewed from the Amboseli National Park.

4326309-political-map-of-africa-kenyaKenya is on the East coast of Africa, neighbouring Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.


Kilimanjaro at dawn5975076-explorers 11599194-plains-zebras-equus-quagga-and-gnus-in-masai-mara-kenya

Local fishermen on the Indian Ocean shores


Lion (above) and zebra (below)20318338-zebra



Kenya is a no-hunting champion and proud signatory to CITES anti-hunt campaign since 1978.  We choose to call our wild animals just that, never using the term ‘game’.  Our will to keep and conserve the natural beauty of flora and fauna makes us a choice for a wildlife safari.  The term safari is a Kiswahili word for journey and originated in East Africa and later adopted across the globe in the early 1900s.  This is still safari country and the best part of your travel are the diversity of people, speaking English and Kiswahili , in addition to their local languages.  In spite of recent media reports, Kenya is one of the most peaceful nations in Africa, with the strongest economy in East and Central Africa, with a literacy rate of 81%.  The climate is mostly cool in the highland areas, with pockets of humid and other dry semi-desert areas.

Attached is a recent video by a French film company on Meru National Park.  Come visit Kenya and enjoy incredible and unique natural wonders of a hidden safari gem!


50-year Jubilee!


Leviticus 25:8-12

New International Version

The Year of Jubilee

8 ‘“Count seven sabbath years – seven times seven years – so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years. 9 Then sound the trumpet everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land. 10 Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan. 11 The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines. 12 For it is a jubilee and is to be holy for you; eat only what is taken directly from the fields.

flag onface

Kenya’s 50 year Jubilee starts now and the Kenya House of Prayer reminds us that we should bring out our shofar, blow them and celebrate until end of day Saturday 14th September.  Kenya is turning a corner into God’s prosperity and abundance.  Join me in prayer for this great nation and her people!

You may ask, what? with all that is going on in Kenya?!  Truth be told, God’s time-lines and is judgement are His alone.  He is not governed by the news, opinions or viewpoints – fortunately.  Anything that happens anywhere on God’s green earth starts in the spirit realm and manifests in the physical.  So things are not what they seem.  Arise beloved of God and walk into your long-awaited freedom!

Celebrate and commemorate this nation and her people in prayer.  Praise, worship and dance to the Lord as never before!  This is a time of restoration, healing, recovery, rest, new beginnings, reconciliation and harvest that none witnessed before.  Like David, I will hitch up my skirts until the dance ends with those who love the Lord.  He deserves our worship and thanksgiving.  I pray this is only the beginning.

Happy Jubilee! Kenya is now switched on!

eating out


Father God, I thank you for raising up your nation and delivering us from all shackles and bondage.  We commit ourselves to you, afresh, humbly asking for your forgiveness for all our sin.  Cleanse us as only you can.  Allow us to approach your throne in reverence, in readiness for this celebration.  We lift up your name on high and honour you with every word we can muster.  May your name be praised throughout this land forever!  Amen.

Sweet Spot!

ladybugIt has been a while since my last posting.  Blame it on life’s curve balls – our parents fell ill, one went into surgery and another is due for a different surgery; our child is back to school and so we took time to settle after a few close-calls.  In all of this and a year of turmoil later and the sweet spot happened.  Nothing to do with pastry, soft fizzy drinks or anything conventional.

God took me into a hiding place that brings with it a new and very real level of peace that is completely beyond my own understanding.  I relish my time with Him and the best part is when He speaks to me.  God cares and loves each one of us and He chooses to speak to us in and about our very own circumstances.  He blesses us with healing, dreams, visions and promises about our future, as He shows us how much He loves us every day.

The Sweet Spot is reading God’s Word every day and letting His love speak wisdom. discernment, understanding peace and joy into your life,  This is the ultimate hiding place – right there in your heart.  He speaks to you as you worship and praise/ drinking in all His loving goodness.    I found my sweet spot!  Have you?


Psalm 67[a]

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. A psalm. A song.

1 May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make his face shine on us—[b]
2 so that your ways may be known on earth,
your salvation among all nations.

3 May the peoples praise you, God;
may all the peoples praise you.
4 May the nations be glad and sing for joy,
for you rule the peoples with equity
and guide the nations of the earth.
5 May the peoples praise you, God;
may all the peoples praise you.

6 The land yields its harvest;
God, our God, blesses us.
7 May God bless us still,
so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.

Beautiful and refreshed!

b lady

Isaiah 42:9

See, the former things have taken place,
and new things I declare;
before they spring into being
I announce them to you.”

After days and weeks (more like 60+ weeks) of turmoil, I woke up this morning to a stillness and a depth of peace I have never known.  Last night was a disco in the sheets affair, tossing and turning to the music in my head!  I struggled, cramped, rolled over, turned, shifted higher onto my pillows, sank lower into the bed till the single option, was to sit up and scream.  I did not scream but flipped my eyes open to check I was still alive.  I was – a cruel joke!  No flames of hell just a hellish insomnia.

Just as I was about to give up and go watch some awful late night television, the Lord began to speak to me.  Telling me various concerns and issues are now over and it is time to move on.  The list is long and this took time as He gave me visuals.  My weeks of angst and physical pain just melted away.  The one area of healing I craved  happened and I lolled off into a deep slumber. Hours later, I heard the call to prayer of a neighbourhood mosque, I prayed for the Muslims and slept again.

First day of school.  Our daughter got up and in minutes looked amazing in her new high school uniform.  Radiant and confident, we prayed.  I remembered her words yesterday, “The anxiety and worry are gone.  Just like that!  God is doing something really amazing for us!”  We prayed, thanking God and enjoyed a day of miracles – discounts where we did not ask, God leading us to a store where the owner encouraged us with great shoes at a decent price.  Favour all the way, even with a certain accountant we prefer to avoid.

Today, I feel beautiful and refreshed!  My family looks and feels the same way too!  Oh Lord, you are so amazing!  I pray that my heart continues to thirst, seek and pant after you, so this fullness of joy grows.  I need nothing else but you Lord.  Nothing else will do!  This is the one make-over I will remember for the rest of my days.  Pure joy and a season of rest!  Blessing and favour draw near.  Keep me close Lord, keep me close!

fun in the sun