Remembering JFK

JFKRemember John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a hero of his and future generations.  A man in his prime, who offered hope, served his country and impassioned others to change the world for the better, as far away as Kenya and across Africa.  We honour his memory and thank God for sending us a man who lived to change the world.

As a teen, I watched countless documentaries on the JFK conspiracy and recall asking my mother what it was like when they learned of his election to the White House.  ‘Ecstatic, hopeful, young, energetic and inspiring,’ were some of the words my parents used.  They spoke of him as if they knew him, which both touched and alarmed me.  Not many world leaders are remembered with either tenderness or respect and this moved me deeply.

The United States was forever changed by his election and later by his death.  America led and changed the world, with the hopes and dreams of Camelot. Today, I remember a hero, beloved and dearly missed by his family and the world!