Saluting Madiba


The true greatness of a man shines through his humility, commitment and sense of purpose.  We live in a world where glamour and riches are the main aspirations of younger generation; the glimmer of recognition and the apparent reward that brings are presumed to be true happiness. So what happens when a man, who simply chose non-violence and strategic leadership comes along and changes our perception?  The world stops, we stare, quietly question and admire this new line of humanity, bowled over by his appeal.Image

Mr. Nelson Mandela, you inspired a nation and a continent, to turn us all into a rainbow nation, after years of racial stuggles across every nation.  We thank God for you.  Your simple statements opened our eyes and hearts to simple truths of our existence – poverty, HIV/AIDS and racial divides as some our real enemies. 


It is a great honour to have heard you speaj, visit your nation and rejoice with your people at the birth of the Rainbow Nation.  We thank God for you and pray for your nation’s continued strong path.