Kenya’s Golden Jubilee!


Kenya turns 50 today!  Which way now? We have been very fortunate to have peace and relative stability.  As we turn fifty, we ask what comes next.  This question elicits numerous questions and even more answers. What do Kenyans want? We want a  healthy, more open and greater transparency in the economy, so that we can grow our incomes.  We want security for all – one standard for every Kenyan and get out of the rut that once politicians feel safe, then we all are.  We want access to healthcare and proper sanitation.  We need power generation that does not depend or exist at the dictates of a power supply monopoly.  On that note, did we not pass an anti-monopoly law at least 15 years ago?

Other things desperately seek include support for agriculture. so that we deal with practical and visionary planning, away from the pipe-dream that is our Vision 2030.  We are not asking for old-school methods such as the promotion of increased fertilizers and pesticides.  We already employ banned pesticides such as Furadan, which literally wipe out every level of the food chain.  We prefer to step away from the doctrine of GMOs, as we all know the crop devastation and harm that is caused by them in countries that pursued that route.  With the decline of agriculture, the farmers who are the backbone of our country are impoverished and our society as a whole.  We hope to see innovation and new ideals put to use to raise the bar; not fads or commercial gimmicks, but visionary planning and merit at work.

Kenya is in need of leaders, bold enough to build and stand for a meritocracy.  We would cherish leaders who listen to their people  and promote the liberty of a common conscience, to dismantle the current castle-building that defends all the wrong (and utterly selfish) values.  We are in need of a nation that will rise on its strengths, as opposed to the personal alliances of the few that distance the majority.

We must kill corruption and take a bold step with legal measures for the culprits.  We need to teach the up-and-coming generations the honorable way to live and burn the ‘maps’ with the short cuts.  We must find a way to make bribery and corruption pointless, by providing the very services the populace pay for via our rigorous taxation systems.

We need a press that aspires to speak out for the people and ask challenge our leadership on matters of the day and represent Kenya as a whole, not the interests, whims and wrangles of political leadership.  We are in dire need of a media diet-change to healthy, deep and meaningful discussions on our national agenda, not the running of rumour mills.

We are in need of a country that applauds women for their role in society and one that is progressive, so as to catch up and even lead our regional neighbours in the affairs and roles of women, in politics and all areas.  My prayer is that we move away from the segregation of men and women to include and build a nation that represents every race, colour, creed and sex.  No more hypocricy or social inequality.  No hiding behind misnomers.  Time to face the reality of where we are in the world and how we can secure a brighter future for all.

I am going to pray for this nation, starting with our leaders.  We can no longer have the blind leading the blind.  Pray that we as the people can hold our leaders accountable, rejecting half-measures and pushing forward with a bold agenda to clean up our act, to make Kenya one of the best places to live and work. Leadership is the key.  A healthy value system is the core. Prayer has the power to drive us to change.  An honest and heartfelt pursuit of God will spur us in the right direction.  Pray with me for this beautiful land and people, as we strive for a better 50 years ahead!