Starting 2014 on the right footing!

Finally, 2013 has drawn to a close.  That was a year of trial by fire and then some! It was a year of great and significant lessons. Of !that there is no denying. For this and more, I thank God.

As I prayed and asked God how I would prepare for the inevitable battles this year.  He gently reminded me to dress up daily in a garment of praise. I recalled his numerous whispers about starting my day in praise and worship, followed by bible study and prayer. Building a prayer closet and guarding my time has been a challenge. Someone has to get up and get busy, looking after the family.  I had to stop and ask – is it just me or does my family enjoy the benefit as well? Guess what? Blessings for all in one neat and unstoppable package!

fun prayer closet

With Christmas over, it is time I look deeper into the significance of Jesus Christ incarnate is in my life.  Jesus was born of flesh, to endure the struggles and situations many of us do, to give us hope and encouragement. All can be overcome, if we just have faith! He was wounded, so I am healed; crucified, so I would be redeemed from death through sin and receive eternity with Him. This free and eternal gift is on offer for you too!

No more walking into the battleground, under-dressed and spiritually ill-prepared!   The garment of praise is unseen but it certainly works, allowing me to move unhindered, yet dressed as a Princess, all ready for battle and the victory it brings!

A week ago, I was battle-weary and drenched in despair. Going into the prayer closet has changed my perspective, building my faith, hope and love for God; after all, every Princess spends almost every waking moment in the Throne Room.

reading nook turned prayer closet

Where would you rather be in 2014?