Big blue, something new!

When change comes, the urge to hold onto all we know can be overwhelming. Your heart finds its voice, drowning out all your reasoning, causing you to doubt. Then your mind claims centre stage, declaring things can no longer stay the same. No more dread and drudgery in the life we know. The heart sings out for adventure, convinced change is as fresh as a cool morning breeze. The body responds in a clam acceptance. Sleep returns. Taste for good food is the new normal.

In quiet acceptance and in clear anticipation, the near 50-year old Kenyan lady packs up their house and home, gifting out many of their personal belongings. Urging her children in their late teen that this change brings so many fresh and exciting opportunities. Her husband smiles.  They all know that God is up to something new and beautiful.  

Friends and family expressed shock and disbelief. How and why would a family move to another country to make a new start? They can see the light steps, bursting energy and humble joy their friends share. Still they wonder, why now? How did they come to this decision?
The family are quietly overjoyed. A life under curses and unhealthy bondage to people, systems and expectations slowly eeking out their hope, dreams and life over a number of years. Husband and wife met at work, late in life, after an age of workaholic living. Healthy incomes, good prospects and an admirable standard of living quickly dwindling, once they re-committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Both their families stepping away; disappointed and ashamed at their obvious loss. She had a child and pursued this second marriage without a care for public ‘respectability’. Her new husband loved her dearly and stood firm in his decision, devoted and doting. Mother and child blossomed in the new height of love. God had spoken and walking in his promise, they bonded, growing daily in love for God and hope in the new life He so graciously gifted them. Friends falling away, with each new blow to their social status, allowing each one to focus on those to whom they are called, serving with delight.

Every new chapter brings change. Transition brings some pain, some falling away and some departing. At the end of the long tunnel called transition, comes a lightness in life; an unburdening. A new day, worth a thousand dawns, begins anew. Body, soul and mind enjoy the weightless dance into a new formation. A beautiful dance, starting slow and gathering momentum, filled with colour, laughter, life and a deeper peace.

The little family of nobodies packs up and heads out the door, clinging to paltry belongings. The little dog in her cage, at ease, lovingly watching her family take her to a new land and a new adventure. Where God sends us, there is peace, provision, guidance and a depth of His love, knowledge of Him and pure joy. Are your feet washed in preparation for your new adventure?  It is a journey of thousands of steps but He promises to carry you through, rebuilding your life and repaying every single loss or frustration, down to the smallest and most personal detail.  The adventure is near. Are you ready? Are you ready to dive in? Some of us are jumping in. Get ready, the divine adventure is coming!