Ressurection of the Son!

A borrowed grave, Roman guards reeling from shock at the shaking and shattering of the huge rock that sealed the tomb. The brilliance of the ressurected King crushing their brief victory. The ‘might’ of earthly powers reaffirmed in seconds. The dead King has defeated death and sin.

Who can claim to be mightier? Who can claim His victory?

Jesus, Saviour, Son of the Living God comes to silence all other power without a single sword or a battle cry. His majesty unfolds, His Kingdom established, He heads Home to the Father, gifting those who follow and believe, the Holy Spirit. We are not orphans but are the redeemed. Lavished and accepted in God’s grace and peace.

Hallelujah to the King of Kings!  


What makes this Friday Good?

A crown of thorns, a batch of large rough nails and a wooden Cross.
Jesus willingly accepted them for you and I, knowing full well just how imperfect and faltering we are.

Still, He took up His sacrifice, to redeem, transform us more into His image, then lavish us with the Father’s heart of deep love.

Jesus, thank You for Your awesome sacrifice and the chance to to celebrate your victory over sin, death and bondage.