The three-legged raceĀ 


The Lord, Jesus Christ  spoke to me the other night, as I settled down to sleep. He said,”marriage is like a three-legged race. You look and see two people, but I’m right there with the couple.” I wondered how and He answered, ” I Am the bond that holds them together, that keeps them strong. In my minds eye, the image of a couple hobbling along, with their legs bound at their ankles came into full view.  As I looked at the couple’s legs more closely, I realized they had just begun the race, hobbling, struggling to find their rhythm. The wife took smaller strides, as her husband took bigger ones, urging her on. After a few minutes, they find a common pace and rythm and begin to move with ease. Their bound, the couple’s legs moving in unison, now bold and strong. I sensed them smiling. Then I suddenly realize, this is one of many couples, finding their way, moving in the same general direction. Some are at their beginning of their race, others have been in the race for years, possibly decades.

As I watched the couple hobble along, their joint action made them stronger. A strong stride. Immediately, the truth settled over me. Their strength and act of unity, comes from the source of love, direct from the Author of Love, God Himself. He guides them effortlessly, their ease of movement eliciting joy and greater love. I sensed the Lord tell me, it is My Love that keeps them going. It is My Love that they share and are walking out now. The joy in the atmosphere is evident, and so is their love for one another.

I smile, thinking how complicated we make things. Marriage is possibly the most complicated thing in any society. Watching these couples willingly join in the race and keep going, brings the realisation how simple it is, if we allow the third strand, that is Christ Jesus, be our Guide, our Hope.  This lovely conversation with Jesus gives me so much hope and joy. Knowing we have God offering His leadership and direction, the weight of marriage becomes an easy burden, light and refreshing. It is no longer a chore or a duty. There is a lightness and a joy that comes with a sense of adventure. This is going to be so much fun!

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May God bless you beyond your wildest dreams!