Unbelief and scarcity

A few years ago, I wrote a blog titled following the herd. Now the herd mentality is back, biting down hard on us. A few weeks ago, we had an election. Shortly after that, the results were announced and then the court petitions lodged. Living in an African country means that no election is presumed as credible or legitimate. Why is that?

Africans are great people, hardworking, smart, educated and aspirational. Even as emigrants, they tend to out-perform their hosts, in thriving at the chance to work, as long ass they have the strength to do so. When they get turned away as potential emigrants, this works out, eventually, in the continent’s and people’s favour. Numbers do not lie and I say this, taking the China workforce principle.

So why are African political races and elections deemed neither fair or credible? Africa has a challenge. Too many interested parties, jockeying for resources and trade. Desperate national leaders without a plan, tend to be hungry, even greedy. This is often our undoing. Awards can and have been made to those who offer quick cash for favours. That aside, this is a great continent, with enormous potential.

The herd mentality, that drives a copy-cat social behaviour is only part of the problem. It is starts with a scarcity mentality. Only a few have ample resources, so we must all clamber after the same life standards, leading to a dangerous social understanding; that we must fight once another to the bone. So political contenders who fail, take the next best option of scaring their base support to fight for what others have attained and by any means. So we put aside our strong social and ethnic moraes, to take up the fight in person.

One country impressed me this past week. That was the delightful country of Zimbabwe. After 37 years of decline and rapid-r covered on all fronts, the people witnessed a bloodless coup, that saw the end of their first and only President to date. The most impressive thing I have witnessed after an African army takeover. It is, in fact, a global first, as God, Himself was holding back the people all along, to a certain and undeniable victory. All the r3st of Africa is in awe. The remaining dictators have effectively been served their notice.

Something big is happening in Africa. God is moving, revival is stirring and the presence of the Holy Spirit is sweeping every nation and locality. God is at work and it has Neve been so visible. Africa rising. It is a new day. The glory of the very wealthy and advanced royal kingdoms is coming back, more than a hundred-fold. Africa will rise and shine, to exceed every hope, dream and expectation.